Closing the art room doors.

Due to the health of a family member, the art room doors will close on the 31st July 2016 and re-open sometime in 2017. Although this will freeze certain areas of my business, like kids art classes, a lot of new things will be created. Such as Wine & Untangle going on the road (surf clubs/golf clubs on Gold Coast and maybe Brisbane/Toowoomba) and sections of the kids parties coming to you at home or in a park.

I’m looking forward to putting a lot of the business online, including Wine & Untangle and art tutorials.

I will wind the art room down slowly, selling retail off at discounted prices over the coming month. We have school holidays coming up which will be as normal.

Thank you for your business at the art room and I look forward to being able to offer you more of what we already do but with an online presence.

ciao for now

Mrs Red


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