9 ways to make time for art, every week.

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Since I released the Red’s Art Cart in July 2017 some of my subscribers have said that in that month they haven’t found the time to open the box and play with the products. I am going to help you FIND time to do some art every week, regardless if you are a subscriber to the Art Carts or not.


Below is 9 ways to make ART time every week!

Set 30 minutes aside ONCE a week. This may be on your day off, get up 30 minutes earlier if you are an early riser like myself or if you are the opposite, a night owl, plan for 30 minutes in the evening after dinner and when kids have gone to bed. It’s 30 minutes in a WEEK, not a day. It has to be a full 30 minutes too, not broken into 10 minute sessions.

Set a monthly theme. Perhaps for the month of October, your theme is all about flowers (its spring time in Australia so there is an abundance). Set yourself a monthly goal of maybe 4 art projects related to flowers. Again, this is once a week and depending on your skills and your materials, these projects may take 10 minutes or a few hours. Breaking down 4 projects into 4 weeks becomes manageable though.

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Behave like a Master! Think about the Masters of the art world. The likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet. I truly believe they became so darn amazing at what they did because back then in the late 1800’s they did not have the distractions that we have now. No television, no telephones, no fast cars to get you from A to B and the big one and you know where I am going with this… no online world to distract them from their profession! I hate to be blunt BUT replace 30 minutes (a week remember) by turning the TV off, put your phone down, stop scrolling through social media. Just 30 minutes, replace 30 minutes of most likely wasted screen time with art time. Social media will still be there half an hour later, I promise.

Join in on a challenge. Contradicting myself a little bit here, because this always seems to be a social media game but there are many #challenges you can join, particularly on Instagram. In the Red’s Art Cart, I include an Artist Trading Card (ATC) in every cart and the challenge if you wish, is to create a little artwork on that ATC and send it back to me and I then put it into someone else’s cart in the future. Joining a challenge also makes you accountable.

Work small. Big isn’t always better! Sometimes a big sketchbook or large canvas can just seem overwhelming. An A6 sketchbook, ATC, or postcard size canvas – all these make a little artwork more achievable and then you feel like you have achieved.

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Art is the best therapy! Studies have revealed that people who doodle on a constant basis are at less risk of losing their mind, as in dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s not hard to understand that a simple little creative session does sooth the mind, relaxes you and if it is going to help your mind stay strong and healthy in your golden years then what other reason do you want!

Take a course. This could be one in your local community or online based. It is hard to know the good from the bad and not all art teachers are on the same wave length as yourself but my advice is to start a course that is in your budget and find out from that if you are getting value for money.


Purchase an Art Cart! The best thing about Red’s Art Cart is that you can create something from the contents solely from that cart. Most carts even include paper. They arrive on your door and you don’t know what is inside until you open the box and then you can watch Mrs Red on YouTube creating an artwork with the materials from that cart, to give you a little more inspiration.


Create a studio space. There is nothing worse, when you have to wipe down the kitchen table of leftover food so that you don’t get grease stains on your paper. And then you have to pack your artwork up because it’s time for dinner! Create a nook, something that invites you to sit down to be creative. Those small square card tables are perfect as a starting point.

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In summary, if you can adapt just one of these 9 ways to find more ART time, then you are on your way! Let me know how you go and if you have any other ideas, please share with us all by commenting below.


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