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A couple of weeks ago I had a borderline first stage melanoma removed from the back of my leg (just above ankle) and I was unable to swim for 2-3 weeks. My kids do Nipper training at the beach on Saturday mornings and I usually am also in the water doing Water Safety. Saturday morning rolled around and it was a gorgeous morning, the sun shining warmly and no wind making the waves just perfect for the kids. Given that I am always in water too, it was hard to sit and watch so I decided to walk across the road to the local streets of Burleigh Heads and purchase a new hat, grab a coffee and the paper to read.

Whilst in the newsagent I had a quick scan of all the home and lifestyle magazines, as you do and always glance at the art magazines even though I am never inspired to buy them as they don’t tend to interest me. There was one magazine sitting amongst the art mags that I hadn’t seen before so I picked it up.  My eyes lit up, my mouth probably opened a little, as I flicked through the wonderful pages. Even though I recognized some names, surely this wasn’t an Australian magazine? I had a look at the editorial page and sure enough, published and printed right here in good old Australia! Needless to say, I purchased Art Edit!

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Walking back to the beach, I sat away from the club but in sight of the kids, because I didn’t want any clubbies to come distract me. I had a new magazine to read and HAD to read it now, I had a full hour left that I wasn’t going to be disturbed.

So, what is this fabulous Australian art magazine all about? On the website, it is described as a magazine about living with art for interior designers, homeowners and art buyers”. As an artist, art teacher and constant dabbler, I too found so much wonderful inspiration in this mag. Some artists and photographers I have heard of before and a lot of new ones and the thing that I probably resonated with the most was that the magazine did not focus on Australia’s most successful artists, these are the guys who are giving it a red-hot crack and doing very well for their efforts. Some featured artists are full time but most are part-time or hobbyist.

Kerrie Lena, publisher of Art Edit describes the magazine, “Art Edit profiles artists, designers, art lovers, collectors and galleries across Australia. The magazine provides readers with advice on where to find art, how to buy it and useful hints on how to install, style and look after it. The editorial emphasis of the magazine is on the acquisition of art to best suit Australian homes. It is a valuable style guide for homeowners and interior designers alike looking to make the most of art in their homes and lives”.

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All the images I have used for this wonderful new read are taken from the Winter 2017 issue and I have just been told that the Spring issue should be heading out to the streets next week! I have advertised the Red’s Art Carts in the next copy so I am doubly excited to get my copy! This is definitely a coffee table mag that anyone can pick up and skim through.

If you would like to subscribe either by receiving your copy in the mail or a digital copy you can go here.

Do it! And when your copy arrives, go do what I did, find a nice quiet spot, coffee in hand and spend an hour reading about the wonderful talented artists we have living right here on our back door! Enjoy.

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