What’s inside NOVEMBER Art Cart?


Is it true? Is the second last month of the year here already? I personally feel I have already missed out on the opportunity to create more for Christmas because it’s now only 7 weeks away. The response to the Art Carts has been fantastic and keeping me very busy. Another STUDENT Art Cart will be released next month as well, which all needs to be filmed creating the artworks etc – such a hard life I have!


The theme I chose for November was Gouache paints. It might be best to do a future post on what the paint is and can do but for now a brief description is that it sits between a watercolour and an acrylic paint. It is designed to be used as an opaque method of painting. Back in the day when I was a 20-year-old art student, wearing only black jeans, some un-ironed sloppy t-shirt, long ratty hair and my cherry red Docs, Gouache paint was our medium of choice. This was before computers were a household item and we had the subject once a week, on a Tuesday morning I believe. I studied Graphic Design and all our finished art pieces were drawn or painted and gouache was the paint we used. The smell of gouache still reminds me of those student times, the good old days!

I haven’t used the Maimeri brand of gouache before however because it came as a primary colour pack, it was a great option. It is an Italian brand and was probably a little softer from the tube than the Winsor & Newton gouache I have always used. The palette is perfect for this gouache set, brushes come in three different nib sizes for all your little painting needs and then of course the gorgeous little swede feel art journal! Gouache is not intended to be used in a large way so this compact little kit if perfect for the paint.

At time of this post my family and I are actually away at the Noosa Triathlon and this little kit amongst some other art supplies is what is coming with me.

Take a look at the YouTube video’s below to see the products in action and if you want to subscribe to the Art Carts then please follow the links on the website. The contents of each months cart is a big secret that only my suppliers and myself know about. For you, is cuts out the decisions of what art materials to buy, finding the time to buy them and to explore products you would never select yourself. There is never anything wrong with having too many art supplies!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart.

I look forward to seeing gouache paints take over November!

Mrs Red


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