Meet an Art Cart’er – Sam Cosgrove

This month, we are visiting country New South Wales, to meet a mum who jumped on board with the Art Cart’s since day one. Living fairly remote and a incredibly busy lifestyle with 4 kids under 6, I can see why Sam looks forward to her little box of ‘all about ME time’ arriving every month!


Describe yourself in 5 to 10 individual words.
Optimist, Cruisey, Funny, Determined and Effective!

Where do you reside and who do you live with?
I live in the beautiful little village of Taralga NSW in-between Goulburn and Oberon in the Southern Tablelands where it snows in winter and is not meant to be too hot in summer, but me thinks it missed the memo in recent years.

In our cosy little two-bedroom cottage, you will find my son Beau 6, twin boys Ty and Zac 5, daughter Kit 18 months, husband Joe and lucky me, the 5 horses, 5 dogs and crazy cat that gets to stay outside (though again, the cat misses the memo).

Where would you like to reside?
Taralga NSW, but on a thousand acres not far from town with stables, a big enough house for the brood of mini Cosi’s and stables, oh and also some sheds for the husband too and did I say stables?

Kids and Sam

Describe your ultimate holiday escape.
My ultimate holiday escape is probably just to be able to stay at home without having to drive anywhere, as impossible as that seems, otherwise Scotland seems like a nice spot to visit.

Describe your art style.
My art style is ‘hold my whiskey dear and watch this’ and then throwing something or trying something new and hoping it isn’t a learning curve and a success instead.


Did you do art at school? If so, please tell us a memory from the art room that stood out (the good or the bad).
No art at school. I WISH!!! Just high school art and the occasional work shop if I get some kid free time.  The thing I took most from high school was ‘NO ERASER!!’  That was a great tip. Though it has made it hard to use one nowadays…though how handy are they!

Do you have an actual art space at home?
I do! Now that I am taking my art seriously and making a little money from it I have taken over half the dining room and dining table. I have a very cool gate my husband built to try and keep the toddler out but she is wiley and has taken to diving off the high back of the couch to get to my supplies.  One side of the table has the kids supplies and I manage to get as much as I can in on my side. I share my studio with the dining room, lounge room and baby change area.  Working my way up to bigger things slowly.

Studio Do you earn any money from your creative talents? If not, do you want to or just happy doing it for yourself?
My plan is to make money from my art.  I have been selling my works for the past year and that has motivated me to take this more seriously.  As I have a son with a rare condition that requires weekly hospital trips I am essentially unemployable, which initially sucked as I loved working and being at home with a brood of kids was hard work!! But it has allowed me to try out this artscipade and take it seriously.  Silver linings people! So, I have recently started on Etsy and also set up a website and also started doing local and handmade markets. Looking very promising so far!

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
I am inspired by everything.  I now look at the world differently and am always getting ideas for new projects, from in the supermarket to driving to hospital.  I follow a lot of brilliant artists in all mediums on Instagram and find that a great source for inspo and new techniques.


At time of this interview, please note down the last photo taken on your phone and describe why you took it.
I take A LOT of photos, too much I am sure.  The last photo I took was today during my son’s infusion.  He is 6 and has been having weekly infusions for the last four years (and all going well will have them weekly for many many years to come). We have worked hard in that time to get his life saving drug approved and finally this year funded. Today was the first time that his friend, who is 5, was able to do infusion with us at The Canberra Hospital. So, I took a pic, as you do.  He is much happier having an infusion buddy and the 6-8 hour day has flown.

What was for dinner last night? Did you make it? Are you the main cook? Do you like cooking dinner?
Dinner last night? ummm oh yeah we had bangers and mash.  That took a bit of remembering.


Scroll forward 10 years. What is life looking like?
In 10 years all my family is well and thriving, we live on a thousand acres and the husband is happy working the property and starting horses. Beau will be having home infusions and I will have a beautiful garden that horses are not allowed in and an amazing studio to really go wild in, no more dining table for me!  Hopefully also making enough to help supplement our income and awesome lifestyle.

How are you going with the Art Carts?
LOVE THE ART CARTS!! Brilliant, amazing and exciting to open every month. I love that I can try new things that I wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to try.  We don’t have any art shops within 2 hours so I get everything online from shops and Ebay, so the Art Cart is great. I also love the How to Video. Brilliant.


Do you have art galleries and art shops where you live? What about ‘art’ style markets?
As I said, art shops are about 200km away. Though we have a brilliant little art group in Taralga that I credit with getting me started on this journey, they also run a very successful Art Show in June every year. A great credit to the town they are. Goulburn has some great groups and societies too and a gallery that I am part of. We have local markets though not targeted to art. One day maybe.

To check out heaps more of Sam’s gorgeous art (her style is very diverse), do yourself a favour and click on the links below!

Sam’s website

Etsy Shop






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