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What’s inside August Red’s Art Cart?

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Every month Mrs Red likes to bring exciting and different art supplies to the Art Carter’s doors. This month is no exception, pushing boundaries for some, including Mrs Red!

For the past year, every month, Mrs Red has done the accompanying art work for the Art Carts. This artwork is also filmed and uploaded to the Mrs Red’s art room YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. However, this month was different, for two reasons. Firstly, I am not equipped to film myself drawing beyond my studio due to my camera set up and this month is all about drawing outside. Secondly, I have not done a lot of location sketching and like everything, the more you do it the better you become. So, I rapidly decided to have a feature artist for this month, which is something I have been intending on doing but haven’t got around to it.


For August, the theme for the Art cart is Urban Sketching. Have you heard of Urban Sketching before? It is actually an art movement which began in 2007, where groups of people would come together and sketch, on location, sketching what was happening right then, right now. Seattle based illustrator and journalist, Gabriel Campanario created an online forum, inviting others to draw the cities they live in, the cafes they adorn, the parks they sit and have lunch in. There was only one rule, the sketch had to take place on location, not by photo’s or memory. A year later Gabriel set up a blog called Urban Sketchers, where he invited people to upload their sketches so that we could all “see the world, one drawing at a time”.  This blog went crazy and by December 2009, Urban Sketches was incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Washington.

Fast track to today, there is a yearly event held in a different city of America, worldwide urban sketching workshops and on Facebook you will most likely find an Urban Sketching group in your closest city or town. But don’t let the social aspect of it stop you. If you are an Art Carter and received this cart or you simply want to give it a go, head outside with as little as a piece of paper and a pencil and sketch away!


Included in the August Art Cart is some basic needs for a bit of urban sketching. The main product of the cart is the beautiful A5 Winsor & Newton journal that has tracing paper interleaven between each piece of drawing paper. The idea behind this is so that when using soft materials such as charcoal and pastel, the rubbings will not move around so much, you can draw on both sides of one page and they also just keep the opposite page clean. Then there is a HB graphite pencil and a 2B woodless crayon pencil (for shading in larger areas) as well as a Faber-Castell kneadable eraser, which is great to rub off excess graphite or make highlights into your darker areas. And then there are 3 different sizes of paper stumps which help you blend graphite or colour, giving a smoother finish. I have also included two Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils so that there is a little bit of colour added to the cart and the best thing about these pencils is that they can be used to turn colour into a light wash as well. Finally, a simple sketching pen, the Artline 200, which does not bleed through but is not archival or waterproof, just keep that in mind.

After realizing that I was not able to provide the artwork for this cart I went in search of an Australian sketcher who could help me out. I came across the ever so talented Suzi Poland. She doesn’t do a great deal of urban sketching but what she has done has such an organic feel to it through loose lines and simply using a black marker pen in her sketch journal. You can follow Suzi at @suzipoland on Instagram or head to

All stock in this month’s Art Cart can be purchased through the Mrs Red’s art shop which is

As always, make sure you check out the YouTube video below to see my very first, and a little wobbly, YouTube LIVE video. If you would like to subscribe to the Art Carts, then please follow the links on this website. PLUS, Mrs Red now holds an online art classes every month where the Art Cart subscribers can come together for an art class, show their work, discuss materials, ask questions and get advice on their work, all in the comfort of their own creative space at home!

Red’s Art Cart is perfect for hobby artists, people who live in rural areas, artists who need that push to just get moving on something and is a great way to hold accountability for your monthly creative time. You will also use products that you would not normally purchase and some Carts contain samples of products that normally have to be purchased in larger amounts. The feeling you get from sitting down and having a dabble is such a wonderful and healthy way to spend your down time. Give it a go!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart. This way we all get to see your wonderful urban sketches.

Happy sketching everyone!

Mrs Red


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