What’s inside September Red’s Art Cart?

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Given how long I have been in the Art industry, it still surprises me that there are still art materials out there that I have never come across. I hope this is the case for some of you as well! Alcohol Inks is one of those products. I had heard of them of course but have never really seen what they are used for etc. Wow, so glad I was brave enough to give them a go because I absolutely love them!

They are the main product in the September Red’s Art Cart along with another product I have heard of, watched being used but never really had a go myself, which is YUPO paper. To say this months cart is filled with unbelievable goodliness is an understatement. Mrs Red has definitely delivered this month!


Let’s take a look at what is inside and what you might want to add as well. Let’s start with the Jacquard Pinata alcohol inks. Every cart received 3 colours and the great thing about these inks is that even though you may think the colours may not go well together, once down on the surface the subtle blends are beautiful.

I have chosen to go with the YUPO paper, mainly because it is the most suitable for the purpose of the art cart. However, alcohol inks can be applied to glass, metal, vellum stock, fabric, clayboard and ceramic. Drawing paper isn’t very effective, with colour becoming very flat and not a lot of spread.


YUPO paper is a synthetic paper, meaning it is tree-free. It is waterproof and tearproof. The down side to YUPO paper though is that our natural oils in our fingers will damage the surface of the paper so when handling YUPO you need to either wear a latex or cotton glove or simple use a piece of paper towel and grip it between your fingers.

The Liquitex Paint Marker pen is the finest in the Liquitex range, with a chisel tip so you can perform a stroke which is thin or thick. These pens are waterproof and also like the alcohol inks, can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, including canvas. They work really well over the top of all paints as well. The colour I chose to use in the artwork was fairly light, going on top of darker inks, so the nib did end up a little dirty but nothing a quick scribble on scrap paper can’t fix.

WIP photo

And who is a Pigma Micron fan out there? Mrs Red most definitely is and really really wishes this new pen in the range was around when I had my art shop, running all the kids art classes and trying to find a good working black pen that didn’t have its nib broken by heavy little hands. The new Pigma Micron has a plastic nib (0.4) and is referred to as PN. It has the one weight but comes in 8 different slightly unusual colours. The ink and quality are undeniably the same as the rest of the range.

And what are you going to spread your alcohol ink around the YUPO paper with? I nice economical style brush. Nothing fancy about this brush but that is exactly what I wanted. All it is doing is helping spread the ink. You just have to be careful of fly away bristles.

When you purchase an Art Cart, they come with one Artist Trading Card (ATC). The intention is to experiment on the little card and either pass it on to family or friend, or you can post them back to Mrs Red and I put them in other carts and someone will receive a little artwork by a complete stranger. It’s the little things that makes us smile J

ATC still 1


All stock in this month’s Art Cart can be purchased through the Mrs Red’s art shop which is www.mrsredsartshop.com

As always, make sure you check out the YouTube video’s below to see an explanation of how to use the alcohol inks and YUPO paper and to watch the feather artwork come together. If you would like to subscribe to the Art Carts, then please follow the links on this website. Mrs Red was holding an online art class every month where the Art Cart subscribers could come together, however the times never suit everybody plus some people just want to be left alone, so now, when you subscribe, you are given the opportunity to hook up, one on one, with Mrs Red for a private art class for 30 minutes. This way, Mrs Red can get to know the Art Carter’s and what type of art they are into etc.


Red’s Art Cart is perfect for hobby artists, people who live in rural areas, artists who need that push to just get moving on something and is a great way to hold accountability for your monthly creative time. You will also use products that you would not normally purchase, and some Carts contain samples of products that normally have to be purchased in larger amounts. The feeling you get from sitting down and having a dabble is such a wonderful and healthy way to spend your down time. Give it a go!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart. This way we all get to see your beautiful artworks.

Happy creating everyone!
Mrs Red


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