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What’s inside September Red’s Art Cart?

Top Strip

Given how long I have been in the Art industry, it still surprises me that there are still art materials out there that I have never come across. I hope this is the case for some of you as well! Alcohol Inks is one of those products. I had heard of them of course but have never really seen what they are used for etc. Wow, so glad I was brave enough to give them a go because I absolutely love them!

They are the main product in the September Red’s Art Cart along with another product I have heard of, watched being used but never really had a go myself, which is YUPO paper. To say this months cart is filled with unbelievable goodliness is an understatement. Mrs Red has definitely delivered this month!


Let’s take a look at what is inside and what you might want to add as well. Let’s start with the Jacquard Pinata alcohol inks. Every cart received 3 colours and the great thing about these inks is that even though you may think the colours may not go well together, once down on the surface the subtle blends are beautiful.

I have chosen to go with the YUPO paper, mainly because it is the most suitable for the purpose of the art cart. However, alcohol inks can be applied to glass, metal, vellum stock, fabric, clayboard and ceramic. Drawing paper isn’t very effective, with colour becoming very flat and not a lot of spread.


YUPO paper is a synthetic paper, meaning it is tree-free. It is waterproof and tearproof. The down side to YUPO paper though is that our natural oils in our fingers will damage the surface of the paper so when handling YUPO you need to either wear a latex or cotton glove or simple use a piece of paper towel and grip it between your fingers.

The Liquitex Paint Marker pen is the finest in the Liquitex range, with a chisel tip so you can perform a stroke which is thin or thick. These pens are waterproof and also like the alcohol inks, can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, including canvas. They work really well over the top of all paints as well. The colour I chose to use in the artwork was fairly light, going on top of darker inks, so the nib did end up a little dirty but nothing a quick scribble on scrap paper can’t fix.

WIP photo

And who is a Pigma Micron fan out there? Mrs Red most definitely is and really really wishes this new pen in the range was around when I had my art shop, running all the kids art classes and trying to find a good working black pen that didn’t have its nib broken by heavy little hands. The new Pigma Micron has a plastic nib (0.4) and is referred to as PN. It has the one weight but comes in 8 different slightly unusual colours. The ink and quality are undeniably the same as the rest of the range.

And what are you going to spread your alcohol ink around the YUPO paper with? I nice economical style brush. Nothing fancy about this brush but that is exactly what I wanted. All it is doing is helping spread the ink. You just have to be careful of fly away bristles.

When you purchase an Art Cart, they come with one Artist Trading Card (ATC). The intention is to experiment on the little card and either pass it on to family or friend, or you can post them back to Mrs Red and I put them in other carts and someone will receive a little artwork by a complete stranger. It’s the little things that makes us smile J

ATC still 1


All stock in this month’s Art Cart can be purchased through the Mrs Red’s art shop which is

As always, make sure you check out the YouTube video’s below to see an explanation of how to use the alcohol inks and YUPO paper and to watch the feather artwork come together. If you would like to subscribe to the Art Carts, then please follow the links on this website. Mrs Red was holding an online art class every month where the Art Cart subscribers could come together, however the times never suit everybody plus some people just want to be left alone, so now, when you subscribe, you are given the opportunity to hook up, one on one, with Mrs Red for a private art class for 30 minutes. This way, Mrs Red can get to know the Art Carter’s and what type of art they are into etc.


Red’s Art Cart is perfect for hobby artists, people who live in rural areas, artists who need that push to just get moving on something and is a great way to hold accountability for your monthly creative time. You will also use products that you would not normally purchase, and some Carts contain samples of products that normally have to be purchased in larger amounts. The feeling you get from sitting down and having a dabble is such a wonderful and healthy way to spend your down time. Give it a go!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart. This way we all get to see your beautiful artworks.

Happy creating everyone!
Mrs Red

Art Carts

What’s inside MARCH Red’s Art Cart?

Koi close up

The best part about receiving this monthly art subscription is that you never know what is going to be inside. It’s like having a birthday every month of the year! The Cart is always stocked with professional art supplies, from all over the world and although the art example piece has always been done by myself, that will not always be the case.

Product image

March theme is around coloured pencils and the Derwent Colour Collection is the perfect way to sample different ranges from the Derwent brand. All the Art Carter’s received the tin of 12 pencils which includes 5 Coloursoft, 4 Studio, 1 Metallic, 1 Blender and 1 Burnisher pencil. But what I love the most about this tin of pencils is that it is a go anywhere kind of pack. There is an adequate colour range so very handy for travelling.

Also included is a Koi Aqua brush and the reason for including the aqua brush, apart from just being very handy to have, is that the metallic pencil is also a watercolour pencil! I have used every pencil in the tin for the drawing of the Koi fish.

Koi Fish

There is a Cretacolor coloured pencil sharpener which although feels different to use, it is designed to not allow too much of the coloured graphite to be exposed, which was hard to get used to. And finally, everyone received one of the 7 sample books from the Fabriano Boutique Paper Range. These are pocket size books with one of the 7 different grades of paper.

As always, make sure you check out the YouTube video’s below to see the Koi fish drawing taking place and if you want to subscribe to the Art Carts then please follow the links on this website. The contents of each month’s cart is a big secret that only my suppliers and myself know about. For you, it cuts out the decisions of what art materials to buy, finding the time to buy them and to explore products you would never select yourself. There is never anything wrong with having too many art supplies!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please please please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart. This way we all get to see your beautiful artworks.

Happy drawing everyone!

Mrs Red

Art Carts

What’s inside JANUARY Red’s Art Cart?



Nothing says HAPPY NEW YEAR like a bit of shimmer! For a brand new year, we need to add a touch of sparkle to our artworks and included in this months Red’s Art Cart is a Liquitex Metallic Ink!  The Liquitex Ink! range can be used in so many ways including watercolour, stamping, calligraphy and pouring mediums.

Also included is a Winsor & Newton Cotman’s half pan watercolour to add a touch of colour to your artwork. And because of the ink and watercolour being so fluid, we have gone with a dagger tip brush because these brushes hold the fluid like no other brush can and if you are someone who can paint swirls or calligraphy then you will love this brush.

We have also included a fine and brush tip Faber-Castell PITT artist pen which are lightfast and waterproof, although I found they need a bit of time to become waterproof, possibly 24 hours. And for the calligraphy touch, included is a Sakura Pen-touch calligrapher in white which sits perfectly on top of the PITT pens.


Make sure you check out the YouTube video’s below to see the Metallic Balloon artwork being created and if you want to subscribe to the Art Carts then please follow the links on this website. The contents of each months cart is a big secret that only my suppliers and myself know about. For you, it cuts out the decisions of what art materials to buy, finding the time to buy them and to explore products you would never select yourself. There is never anything wrong with having too many art supplies!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart.

I look forward to seeing what everyone creates with this metallic themed month!

Mrs Red

Creating art

New Year Resolutions for Arty Types

Photo by David Zawila (Unsplash)

Does anyone successfully stick to their new year’s resolutions? Mine for this year was ‘Meatless Monday’ and I loved it and looked forward to our vegetarian meal every Monday. My kids on the other hand were less than impressed. My reason for Meatless Monday was saving a bit of cash. Meat costs a lot of money and I have 2 teenage boys in the house and they can eat! By having a meat free meal once a week, was a saving of $15-25 every week. I managed to pull this resolution off until mid-September and my reason for ending it was very valid. My uncle owns a lot of land and keeps cattle to mow the grass. Problem being, the cattle love their home so much that they decided to all have babies and it got out of control. So, I was told to buy a chest freezer because I was about to get steer and lamb and it was coming every couple of months. We now have an endless supply of beef and lamb so was saving more on meat than when I made the resolution.

Do you make new year resolutions AND do you stick to them? What about an ‘ART’ resolution. Who has said “I’m going to draw/paint every day for the year”? And did you pull that off? There doesn’t seem to be any available statistics on this but I am going to say that it is less than 10% success rate.

Photo by Nik Macmillan (Unsplash)
Photo by Nik Macmillan (Unsplash)

I do believe it is important to make some sort of new year resolution for us creative types. We need to check in on ourselves and understand that apart from the enjoyment and outcomes of our creating, that it is actually incredibly valuable to our mind and soul to be creating.

Here are 6 easy steps for ALL of us to follow and get through the next 365 days.

  1. Set ONE long term goal for the new year. This may be as simple as enter one art award/competition in your local area. It may be to look at setting up an online shop and begin to sell your creations. What about attending a local art market twice a year? The goal doesn’t have to be big in itself, it just has to have a good few months to plan and prepare for it. Join an online challenge, Inktober is a good one, every October. This is also where a 30/30 could take place – 30 drawings/paintings in 30 days – just choose the month and plan ahead. I wouldn’t recommend that month being December (just sayin’).
  2. Set ONE monthly goal for 12 months. Again, keep it simple. For example, do one journal entry in the month, complete one artwork by end of each month, theme the month so any artwork you do in that month is based around that theme ie/items I wear everyday like glasses, earrings, shoes.
  3. Buy Red’s Art Cart! You know I had to mention this one! Doesn’t have to be a monthly subscription, could be a one off. But it is a great way to explore materials you wouldn’t go and buy yourself and does help you sit down and just do something. Click here to find out more!
  4. Visit an Art Gallery. Depending on where you live will determine how many times in the year you can do this, of course. If you live in a city area, then perhaps 4 visits in the year will work. If you are more remote, then this needs to be included in a holiday or cityscape getaway. The importance of a gallery visit is invaluable though as you get instant inspiration from the artworks and then there is usually the Art Gift Shop and if anyone gets away from them without buying something arty then you have more control than me!

    Photo by Ryan Stefan (Unsplash)
  5. Be accountable. I love this because as soon as you let others know, the pressure is on to make it happen. But don’t be one of those ‘go-na’ (Aussie slang for ‘going’) people. I have a family member who is always on a new diet. Her facial expressions are always very certain that this new diet is going to work. I have lost track of how many diets she has now done but I can guarantee every time we catch up she will be on one. She holds herself accountable but fails to deliver. Don’t fail to deliver. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT!
  6. Finally, do it for YOU! This is the one I suffer with. I am so busy doing my artworks with a purpose, possibly for one of Red’s Art Carts or one of the Student Carts that I never sit and draw or paint just for me. If we go camping, I will sit and draw, if on a flight I will draw but these don’t happen every month so in a year I probably have 2-3 goes of drawing for myself. In order for me to get ‘my time’ I am going to be setting myself a long-term goal. It won’t be a huge one but it will be something that can be achieved with a bit of planning.So now we have a clearer plan to head into the new year. BUT, and there is always a but! Please don’t set your art goals too high and unless you already draw or paint 4/5 times a week, I do not recommend jumping into a year of daily artworks. You are setting yourself up to fail. Start with a 30/30 if you have to and if day 31 rolls around and you are still going strong then go for another 30/30 and build from that. I personally would love to do a 30/30 but I know it is not going to happen so I will set a monthly goal of completing one drawing in my journal by the end of every week, for a month and if that works I will head into the next month.
Photo by (Unsplash)

I have set up a Facebook group page, called Mrs Red’s Art Accountability, which anyone can join and share their yearly, monthly, weekly goals and also share their artwork. This will help with the accountability of our art goals. I look forward to seeing and reading about everyones new year goals for the year ahead!

Happy New Year!
Mrs Red



Art Edit – a magazine for us!


A couple of weeks ago I had a borderline first stage melanoma removed from the back of my leg (just above ankle) and I was unable to swim for 2-3 weeks. My kids do Nipper training at the beach on Saturday mornings and I usually am also in the water doing Water Safety. Saturday morning rolled around and it was a gorgeous morning, the sun shining warmly and no wind making the waves just perfect for the kids. Given that I am always in water too, it was hard to sit and watch so I decided to walk across the road to the local streets of Burleigh Heads and purchase a new hat, grab a coffee and the paper to read.

Whilst in the newsagent I had a quick scan of all the home and lifestyle magazines, as you do and always glance at the art magazines even though I am never inspired to buy them as they don’t tend to interest me. There was one magazine sitting amongst the art mags that I hadn’t seen before so I picked it up.  My eyes lit up, my mouth probably opened a little, as I flicked through the wonderful pages. Even though I recognized some names, surely this wasn’t an Australian magazine? I had a look at the editorial page and sure enough, published and printed right here in good old Australia! Needless to say, I purchased Art Edit!

Pages 1

Walking back to the beach, I sat away from the club but in sight of the kids, because I didn’t want any clubbies to come distract me. I had a new magazine to read and HAD to read it now, I had a full hour left that I wasn’t going to be disturbed.

So, what is this fabulous Australian art magazine all about? On the website, it is described as a magazine about living with art for interior designers, homeowners and art buyers”. As an artist, art teacher and constant dabbler, I too found so much wonderful inspiration in this mag. Some artists and photographers I have heard of before and a lot of new ones and the thing that I probably resonated with the most was that the magazine did not focus on Australia’s most successful artists, these are the guys who are giving it a red-hot crack and doing very well for their efforts. Some featured artists are full time but most are part-time or hobbyist.

Kerrie Lena, publisher of Art Edit describes the magazine, “Art Edit profiles artists, designers, art lovers, collectors and galleries across Australia. The magazine provides readers with advice on where to find art, how to buy it and useful hints on how to install, style and look after it. The editorial emphasis of the magazine is on the acquisition of art to best suit Australian homes. It is a valuable style guide for homeowners and interior designers alike looking to make the most of art in their homes and lives”.

Pages 2

All the images I have used for this wonderful new read are taken from the Winter 2017 issue and I have just been told that the Spring issue should be heading out to the streets next week! I have advertised the Red’s Art Carts in the next copy so I am doubly excited to get my copy! This is definitely a coffee table mag that anyone can pick up and skim through.

If you would like to subscribe either by receiving your copy in the mail or a digital copy you can go here.

Do it! And when your copy arrives, go do what I did, find a nice quiet spot, coffee in hand and spend an hour reading about the wonderful talented artists we have living right here on our back door! Enjoy.

Mrs Red






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Learn how to draw a Tonal Scale


Tonal ScaleThis week I wanted to show you a quick exercise to try if you are about to draw something in pencil or about to sketch something up, like a painting for example.

A graphite tonal scale shows how heavy that grade of pencil can go following through to how light it can be used. In the YouTube video, I used a 2B which is a fairly standard weight. Ladies, if your own weight is somewhere between size 12-14, the next time you are asked what is your weight, just say 2B, merely to see the reaction!

Tone is a critical part of any drawing, painting or mixed media artwork. Why? Because without tone, your artwork will look flat and 2D. By doing a tonal scale in just one weight pencil for a graphite sketch, you can then check if your sketch includes all areas of that scale.

Artist: Norman Lindsay (1878-1969) Title: Study for Marriage Medium: Pencil on paper Image Size: 64.5 x 51.5 cm

Australian artist, Norman Lindsay (1878-1969), is a great example for tonal sketches. This continues in his pen sketches, etchings and also paintings. Imagine the lack of choice art supplies available around the turn of the 20th century yet the quality of the work of these artists is simply outstanding.

Enjoy watching this quick video of Mrs Red doing a tonal scale in 2B pencil and then have a go yourself. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper, too easy!

Creating art

9 ways to make time for art, every week.

Photo by Atilla Taskiran on Unsplash

Since I released the Red’s Art Cart in July 2017 some of my subscribers have said that in that month they haven’t found the time to open the box and play with the products. I am going to help you FIND time to do some art every week, regardless if you are a subscriber to the Art Carts or not.


Below is 9 ways to make ART time every week!

Set 30 minutes aside ONCE a week. This may be on your day off, get up 30 minutes earlier if you are an early riser like myself or if you are the opposite, a night owl, plan for 30 minutes in the evening after dinner and when kids have gone to bed. It’s 30 minutes in a WEEK, not a day. It has to be a full 30 minutes too, not broken into 10 minute sessions.

Set a monthly theme. Perhaps for the month of October, your theme is all about flowers (its spring time in Australia so there is an abundance). Set yourself a monthly goal of maybe 4 art projects related to flowers. Again, this is once a week and depending on your skills and your materials, these projects may take 10 minutes or a few hours. Breaking down 4 projects into 4 weeks becomes manageable though.

Photo by Victoria Bilsborough on Unsplash

Behave like a Master! Think about the Masters of the art world. The likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet. I truly believe they became so darn amazing at what they did because back then in the late 1800’s they did not have the distractions that we have now. No television, no telephones, no fast cars to get you from A to B and the big one and you know where I am going with this… no online world to distract them from their profession! I hate to be blunt BUT replace 30 minutes (a week remember) by turning the TV off, put your phone down, stop scrolling through social media. Just 30 minutes, replace 30 minutes of most likely wasted screen time with art time. Social media will still be there half an hour later, I promise.

Join in on a challenge. Contradicting myself a little bit here, because this always seems to be a social media game but there are many #challenges you can join, particularly on Instagram. In the Red’s Art Cart, I include an Artist Trading Card (ATC) in every cart and the challenge if you wish, is to create a little artwork on that ATC and send it back to me and I then put it into someone else’s cart in the future. Joining a challenge also makes you accountable.

Work small. Big isn’t always better! Sometimes a big sketchbook or large canvas can just seem overwhelming. An A6 sketchbook, ATC, or postcard size canvas – all these make a little artwork more achievable and then you feel like you have achieved.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Art is the best therapy! Studies have revealed that people who doodle on a constant basis are at less risk of losing their mind, as in dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s not hard to understand that a simple little creative session does sooth the mind, relaxes you and if it is going to help your mind stay strong and healthy in your golden years then what other reason do you want!

Take a course. This could be one in your local community or online based. It is hard to know the good from the bad and not all art teachers are on the same wave length as yourself but my advice is to start a course that is in your budget and find out from that if you are getting value for money.


Purchase an Art Cart! The best thing about Red’s Art Cart is that you can create something from the contents solely from that cart. Most carts even include paper. They arrive on your door and you don’t know what is inside until you open the box and then you can watch Mrs Red on YouTube creating an artwork with the materials from that cart, to give you a little more inspiration.


Create a studio space. There is nothing worse, when you have to wipe down the kitchen table of leftover food so that you don’t get grease stains on your paper. And then you have to pack your artwork up because it’s time for dinner! Create a nook, something that invites you to sit down to be creative. Those small square card tables are perfect as a starting point.

Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

In summary, if you can adapt just one of these 9 ways to find more ART time, then you are on your way! Let me know how you go and if you have any other ideas, please share with us all by commenting below.


Contents of July’s Art Cart!

If you have been waiting to purchase Red’s Art Cart because you wanted a rough idea of what is inside, now is your chance! Every cart offers professional and student grade art supplies, info sheet about the products, example art work showing off the products and 2 YouTube video’s, this one, showing the contents and how to use them and the other filming the making of the art work. Great value for money.

August Red’s Art Cart closes on the 14th July so make sure you don’t miss out by clicking on the Art Cart tab and following the links to purchase.