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What’s inside MAY Red’s Art Cart?

VaseFlowers banner

Ever heard an artist say, “once you have painted with oils, you will never go back”. I heard it time and time again and when the timing was right I bought a few cheap oils to have a go and never looked back! I began buying good quality oils and brushes and had a love affair with oil painting for the next 4 years!

The MAY Red’s Art Cart is themed around water mixable oil paints and not having picked up a brush and done an oil painting for well over 5 years now, I frighteningly absolutely LOVED putting this Cart together! So much so I began looking at upcoming exhibitions and, in my mind, have already painted a large Still Life of teacups and cakes. There is just something about oils, the butter like consistency, the texture they give, the way you can take a break and not have your work dry on you and also the smell they give off along with the turps.


There are a handful of paint brands who are producing water mixable oils and included in the Art Cart this month is the Daler-Rowney Georgian water mixable oil paints. I chose to go with the 3 primary colours and a white so that the Art Carter’s can mix a rainbow of new colours. The Georgian brand is a perfect price for entry level oil paints. And I have to admit, apart from if you stick the tube right under your nose, there is no odor at all. When cleaning, you wash your brushes in a bucket of soapy water, however I didn’t feel this was enough. A brush cleaner would help as well. I didn’t try it, but I would be inclined in future to still use turps on final clean up. The brushes still felt oily after soapy water and when I wiped brushes on paper towel I got paint residue.

VaseFlowers lr

Also featured in the May Red’s Art Cart is a 6”x6” stretched canvas. These are fairly new to my supplier and a nice quality canvas for a nice price. You can purchase different sizes through Mrs Red by simply emailing the size you would like. Brushes by the supplier have also been added to the cart along with quite a handy palette. This palette folds into itself, making it quite compact for travel and although it served the purpose for the Cart I would be more inclined to use a traditional oil palette as it wasn’t easy to clean. It is made of stong thin plastic so for oil paints it really needs to be seen as a throw away palette.

As always, make sure you check out the YouTube video’s below to see the Vase of Flowers painting coming together and if you want to subscribe to the Art Carts then please follow the links on this website. PLUS, Mrs Red now holds two online art classes per month where the Art Cart subscribers can come together for an art class, show their work, discuss materials, ask questions and get advice on their work, all in the comfort of their own creative space at home!

Red’s Art Cart is perfect for hobby artists, people who live in rural areas, artists who need that push to just get moving on something and is a great way to hold accountability for your monthly creative time. You will also use products that you would not normally purchase and some Carts contain samples of products that normally have to be purchased in larger amounts. The feeling you get from sitting down and having a dabble is such a wonderful and healthy way to spend your down time. Give it a go!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart. This way we all get to see your beautiful oil paintings.

Happy painting everyone!

Mrs Red

Creating art

What is a Bullet Journal?

Photo by Estee Janssens (Unsplash)

Have you heard of a Bullet Journal? Do you know exactly what one is? Personally, I had heard of them, mainly on YouTube, and recently found myself watching this random video of one YouTuber who was showing her 2017 Bullet Journal and I realized that I didn’t really know about them at all.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, the Bullet Journal was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY. You can go to to hear his story and the reasons behind the journal. However, I have got to say, what he has created and what is now all over YouTube is a colourful extension of a very useful journal about the past, current and future of the owner of that particular journal. Ryder does not use creative lettering or do any doodling, in fact he just sticks to one black marker pen the whole way through. I must also make it very clear that Bullet Journal is a registered name, hence why I am using capitals every time I mention it.

So, what exactly is a Bullet Journal? As Ryder explains, it is a quick fix for writing a journal by using topics, page numbers, short sentences and bullet points. Anyone can go and purchase a yearly diary but in all their shapes and forms, the diaries are not unique to the user. The Bullet Journal is designed in a way that you customize every page the way you want to. Some layout a page per day of every month. Others will make it more of a journey through the year with goals, movies to watch, books to read, even down to weight check-ins and how many Insta followers you have each month. From what I have seen, there are creatives out there putting hours and hours into these journals and will become an incredibly valuable keepsake for themselves and their families in decades to come.

Photo by Estee Janssens (Unsplash)

I did a search on YouTube of videos on Bullet Journals and there are 748 000 video’s, which is why I am not about to tell you which ones to watch, other than Ryder’s But if you are inclined to find out more on Bullet Journals, then I do think you should invest some time into watching a few random video’s as they are all very different and personal.

Then there is the journal itself. You can purchase a Bullet Journal off for a very reasonable price. Moleskine also do a range of blank and dot lined journals that would suit. Leuchtturm also have a dotted journal. Honestly though, if you can get your hands on a blank journal booklet, then this will do. They are not intended to be mixed media journals and the paper weight is usually around 90gsm which is the same as a standard year diary.

Who is the right person to have a bullet journal? The good news is you don’t have to be a creative type, but it helps because you actually get to use all the gazillion fancy pens you have in your pencil cases, drawers, cupboards, bags and car! Bullet Journals are perfect for people who like to write ‘to-do lists’ on paper, who are into goal setting and habit tracking, who love the smell, feel and appearance of a journal (I mention smell because I smell all my art products and know I’m not alone on this), organized people who like to visualize their day/week/month, and also people who like to hold on to their yearly diaries to look back on the years hand down to the generations.

Photo by Mike Tinnion (Unsplash)

What you need to get started! Of course, you need a journal. Blank is perfect but if you can get your hands on a dotted grid, they just help with us perfect types who don’t like it when lines or letters are not straight. Ryder uses one black pen throughout his Bullet Journal but if you are the creative type, then go to town on your journals with an array of different marker pens and pencils. I wouldn’t recommend watercolours though as the pages are thin and not designed to work with wet media.

Need inspiration? Like I mentioned, go to YouTube and search for Bullet Journaling and also go to Instagram and search the hashtag #bulletjournal. The ideas for your Topic pages are seriously endless and if nothing else, it gets us all hand writing again not to mention spelling!

As mentioned in my last post, I have set up a group page called Mrs Red’s Art Accountability. It is here that you will find me mentioning that I am going to create a Bullet Journal for next year. I have just ordered a Moleskin and although it won’t arrive until early January, that gives me a few more days to plan how I am going to tackle this, be accountable for it and plan it so that it is achievable. I guess you could say it is my yearly goal for the new year!

Have fun!!
Mrs Red



Creating art

New Year Resolutions for Arty Types

Photo by David Zawila (Unsplash)

Does anyone successfully stick to their new year’s resolutions? Mine for this year was ‘Meatless Monday’ and I loved it and looked forward to our vegetarian meal every Monday. My kids on the other hand were less than impressed. My reason for Meatless Monday was saving a bit of cash. Meat costs a lot of money and I have 2 teenage boys in the house and they can eat! By having a meat free meal once a week, was a saving of $15-25 every week. I managed to pull this resolution off until mid-September and my reason for ending it was very valid. My uncle owns a lot of land and keeps cattle to mow the grass. Problem being, the cattle love their home so much that they decided to all have babies and it got out of control. So, I was told to buy a chest freezer because I was about to get steer and lamb and it was coming every couple of months. We now have an endless supply of beef and lamb so was saving more on meat than when I made the resolution.

Do you make new year resolutions AND do you stick to them? What about an ‘ART’ resolution. Who has said “I’m going to draw/paint every day for the year”? And did you pull that off? There doesn’t seem to be any available statistics on this but I am going to say that it is less than 10% success rate.

Photo by Nik Macmillan (Unsplash)
Photo by Nik Macmillan (Unsplash)

I do believe it is important to make some sort of new year resolution for us creative types. We need to check in on ourselves and understand that apart from the enjoyment and outcomes of our creating, that it is actually incredibly valuable to our mind and soul to be creating.

Here are 6 easy steps for ALL of us to follow and get through the next 365 days.

  1. Set ONE long term goal for the new year. This may be as simple as enter one art award/competition in your local area. It may be to look at setting up an online shop and begin to sell your creations. What about attending a local art market twice a year? The goal doesn’t have to be big in itself, it just has to have a good few months to plan and prepare for it. Join an online challenge, Inktober is a good one, every October. This is also where a 30/30 could take place – 30 drawings/paintings in 30 days – just choose the month and plan ahead. I wouldn’t recommend that month being December (just sayin’).
  2. Set ONE monthly goal for 12 months. Again, keep it simple. For example, do one journal entry in the month, complete one artwork by end of each month, theme the month so any artwork you do in that month is based around that theme ie/items I wear everyday like glasses, earrings, shoes.
  3. Buy Red’s Art Cart! You know I had to mention this one! Doesn’t have to be a monthly subscription, could be a one off. But it is a great way to explore materials you wouldn’t go and buy yourself and does help you sit down and just do something. Click here to find out more!
  4. Visit an Art Gallery. Depending on where you live will determine how many times in the year you can do this, of course. If you live in a city area, then perhaps 4 visits in the year will work. If you are more remote, then this needs to be included in a holiday or cityscape getaway. The importance of a gallery visit is invaluable though as you get instant inspiration from the artworks and then there is usually the Art Gift Shop and if anyone gets away from them without buying something arty then you have more control than me!

    Photo by Ryan Stefan (Unsplash)
  5. Be accountable. I love this because as soon as you let others know, the pressure is on to make it happen. But don’t be one of those ‘go-na’ (Aussie slang for ‘going’) people. I have a family member who is always on a new diet. Her facial expressions are always very certain that this new diet is going to work. I have lost track of how many diets she has now done but I can guarantee every time we catch up she will be on one. She holds herself accountable but fails to deliver. Don’t fail to deliver. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT!
  6. Finally, do it for YOU! This is the one I suffer with. I am so busy doing my artworks with a purpose, possibly for one of Red’s Art Carts or one of the Student Carts that I never sit and draw or paint just for me. If we go camping, I will sit and draw, if on a flight I will draw but these don’t happen every month so in a year I probably have 2-3 goes of drawing for myself. In order for me to get ‘my time’ I am going to be setting myself a long-term goal. It won’t be a huge one but it will be something that can be achieved with a bit of planning.So now we have a clearer plan to head into the new year. BUT, and there is always a but! Please don’t set your art goals too high and unless you already draw or paint 4/5 times a week, I do not recommend jumping into a year of daily artworks. You are setting yourself up to fail. Start with a 30/30 if you have to and if day 31 rolls around and you are still going strong then go for another 30/30 and build from that. I personally would love to do a 30/30 but I know it is not going to happen so I will set a monthly goal of completing one drawing in my journal by the end of every week, for a month and if that works I will head into the next month.
Photo by (Unsplash)

I have set up a Facebook group page, called Mrs Red’s Art Accountability, which anyone can join and share their yearly, monthly, weekly goals and also share their artwork. This will help with the accountability of our art goals. I look forward to seeing and reading about everyones new year goals for the year ahead!

Happy New Year!
Mrs Red


Art Carts

What’s inside DECEMBER Red’s Art Cart!

Gelli print

The festive month has arrived well and truly and the Art Cart had to have a festive feel to it. So Mrs Red went for something a bit more art & crafty and nothing says fun like some Gelli Printing!

Gelli printing has been around since 2011 but really only became popular around 4 years ago when the art journaling movement went up a notch. The actual Gelli Plate is made from mineral oil and is a hypoallergenic polymer material, not gelatin as many would think. The Gelli plates are easy to clean and as long as they are looked after, will last many years to come!

Dec17 contents

The Student Gelli Kit comes with 5”x5” gelli plate, 2 x stencils and a brayer/roller. Then, Mrs Red has included a concertina art journal and 3 samples of acrylic paint. I imagine most of my Art Cart’ers already have a stash of acrylic paints but still wanted to include some paints in the Cart.

Art Journal
I drew this portrait over the top of one of the printing pages in the concertina booklet. A combination of oil pastel, zest-it blend and black marker pens.

Make sure you check out the YouTube video’s below to see the Gelli Plate in action and if you want to subscribe to the Art Carts then please follow the links on this website. The contents of each months cart is a big secret that only my suppliers and myself know about. For you, it cuts out the decisions of what art materials to buy, finding the time to buy them and to explore products you would never select yourself. There is never anything wrong with having too many art supplies!

Finally, if you have purchased this cart, please show us your artworks via Instagram or the Facebook page which is mentioned on your information card inside your cart.

I look forward to seeing what everyone does with the Gelli printing!

Mrs Red

Art Carts

Meet an Art Cart’er – Sam Cosgrove

This month, we are visiting country New South Wales, to meet a mum who jumped on board with the Art Cart’s since day one. Living fairly remote and a incredibly busy lifestyle with 4 kids under 6, I can see why Sam looks forward to her little box of ‘all about ME time’ arriving every month!


Describe yourself in 5 to 10 individual words.
Optimist, Cruisey, Funny, Determined and Effective!

Where do you reside and who do you live with?
I live in the beautiful little village of Taralga NSW in-between Goulburn and Oberon in the Southern Tablelands where it snows in winter and is not meant to be too hot in summer, but me thinks it missed the memo in recent years.

In our cosy little two-bedroom cottage, you will find my son Beau 6, twin boys Ty and Zac 5, daughter Kit 18 months, husband Joe and lucky me, the 5 horses, 5 dogs and crazy cat that gets to stay outside (though again, the cat misses the memo).

Where would you like to reside?
Taralga NSW, but on a thousand acres not far from town with stables, a big enough house for the brood of mini Cosi’s and stables, oh and also some sheds for the husband too and did I say stables?

Kids and Sam

Describe your ultimate holiday escape.
My ultimate holiday escape is probably just to be able to stay at home without having to drive anywhere, as impossible as that seems, otherwise Scotland seems like a nice spot to visit.

Describe your art style.
My art style is ‘hold my whiskey dear and watch this’ and then throwing something or trying something new and hoping it isn’t a learning curve and a success instead.


Did you do art at school? If so, please tell us a memory from the art room that stood out (the good or the bad).
No art at school. I WISH!!! Just high school art and the occasional work shop if I get some kid free time.  The thing I took most from high school was ‘NO ERASER!!’  That was a great tip. Though it has made it hard to use one nowadays…though how handy are they!

Do you have an actual art space at home?
I do! Now that I am taking my art seriously and making a little money from it I have taken over half the dining room and dining table. I have a very cool gate my husband built to try and keep the toddler out but she is wiley and has taken to diving off the high back of the couch to get to my supplies.  One side of the table has the kids supplies and I manage to get as much as I can in on my side. I share my studio with the dining room, lounge room and baby change area.  Working my way up to bigger things slowly.

Studio Do you earn any money from your creative talents? If not, do you want to or just happy doing it for yourself?
My plan is to make money from my art.  I have been selling my works for the past year and that has motivated me to take this more seriously.  As I have a son with a rare condition that requires weekly hospital trips I am essentially unemployable, which initially sucked as I loved working and being at home with a brood of kids was hard work!! But it has allowed me to try out this artscipade and take it seriously.  Silver linings people! So, I have recently started on Etsy and also set up a website and also started doing local and handmade markets. Looking very promising so far!

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
I am inspired by everything.  I now look at the world differently and am always getting ideas for new projects, from in the supermarket to driving to hospital.  I follow a lot of brilliant artists in all mediums on Instagram and find that a great source for inspo and new techniques.


At time of this interview, please note down the last photo taken on your phone and describe why you took it.
I take A LOT of photos, too much I am sure.  The last photo I took was today during my son’s infusion.  He is 6 and has been having weekly infusions for the last four years (and all going well will have them weekly for many many years to come). We have worked hard in that time to get his life saving drug approved and finally this year funded. Today was the first time that his friend, who is 5, was able to do infusion with us at The Canberra Hospital. So, I took a pic, as you do.  He is much happier having an infusion buddy and the 6-8 hour day has flown.

What was for dinner last night? Did you make it? Are you the main cook? Do you like cooking dinner?
Dinner last night? ummm oh yeah we had bangers and mash.  That took a bit of remembering.


Scroll forward 10 years. What is life looking like?
In 10 years all my family is well and thriving, we live on a thousand acres and the husband is happy working the property and starting horses. Beau will be having home infusions and I will have a beautiful garden that horses are not allowed in and an amazing studio to really go wild in, no more dining table for me!  Hopefully also making enough to help supplement our income and awesome lifestyle.

How are you going with the Art Carts?
LOVE THE ART CARTS!! Brilliant, amazing and exciting to open every month. I love that I can try new things that I wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to try.  We don’t have any art shops within 2 hours so I get everything online from shops and Ebay, so the Art Cart is great. I also love the How to Video. Brilliant.


Do you have art galleries and art shops where you live? What about ‘art’ style markets?
As I said, art shops are about 200km away. Though we have a brilliant little art group in Taralga that I credit with getting me started on this journey, they also run a very successful Art Show in June every year. A great credit to the town they are. Goulburn has some great groups and societies too and a gallery that I am part of. We have local markets though not targeted to art. One day maybe.

To check out heaps more of Sam’s gorgeous art (her style is very diverse), do yourself a favour and click on the links below!

Sam’s website

Etsy Shop






Meet an Art Cart’er – Jasmin Pinnington

I have met some wonderful people in such a short time with Red’s Art Carts and there are some seriously talented folk out there! Every month I will feature another Art Cart’er so everyone can have a sticky beak into the creative lives.

If you had to describe an ‘art dabbler’, Jasmin comes to mind. She walked into Mrs Red’s art room several years ago when I had a shop here on the Gold Coast and every Friday she would come in to fill her creative soul by purchasing something. She had a budget and if items exceeded that budget, I would see her in two weeks rather than one. She became a great friend, one I could bounce creative ideas off and she is one of very few people who I told about Red’s Art Cart (although never what was inside). She was on board immediately and is the reason why I wanted to ask her to be my first Art Cart’er – so thank you for your ongoing support Jasmin Flower (that’s how I remembered her name in the early days and how her name and number is stored in my phone).



Describe yourself in 5 to 10 individual words.
Neurotic, creative, honest, empathetic, over-thinker, enthusiastic, open minded, argumentative, fickle.

Where do you reside and who do you live with?
Burleigh, on the Gold Coast with my husband and three of my four children (20, 15 and 8). The eldest (22) moved out 2 months ago but is close by and still comes home at least once a week to do her washing and raid the fridge and pantry.

Jas Map

Where would you like to reside?
Burleigh, on the Gold Coast! Maybe a little closer to the beach, and with a little more of a garden. Tallebudgera is gorgeous and the NSW North Coast is also beautiful.

Describe your ultimate holiday escape.
Either backpacking Europe, or on a beach in Fiji.

Describe your art style.
I don’t know! Eclectic perhaps. I actually don’t feel like I have developed a ‘style’ yet, there’s too much that I love and feel inspired by. I love colourful, busy art and also simple minimal and whimsical artwork.


Did you do art at school? If so, please tell us a memory from the art room that stood out (the good or the bad).
Only in the first year of high school, and I hated it, probably mostly because of the teacher. I also thought I was no good at art so why bother trying (probably why the teacher didn’t think much of me either!)

Do you have an actual art space at home?
Can I preface this question by saying, I am really looking forward to reading other answers, I am a bit obsessed with studios and creative spaces in general and I have a Pinterest board full of dream studios! One day!….

Anyway, what I have now is, half of our living area space. Over the past few years, I have gradually taken it over… our dining table hasn’t been a dining table for about five years! I don’t love that it interferes visually with our living area but it’s pretty vital space for the continued existence of ‘me’ as a person and it accommodates all my interests. I am very lucky that I have a very accommodating husband and an understanding family and nobody yells about all the space I take up.


Do you earn any money from your creative talents? If not, do you want to or just happy doing it for yourself?
Not really! I have sold a bare handful of pieces. And that’s ok. I ‘make’ because I am alive and it’s like breathing for me, so…. I would love to make some money from it, just to finance my obsession with buying new art supplies J (I am sure my husband would also appreciate this!)

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
Everywhere. The beach and nature, are really big things for me. Some of the polymer clay pendants I have made are very ocean inspired. But I tend to love everything so inspiration is really, everywhere.


At time of this interview, please note down the last photo taken on your phone and describe why you took it.
The last photo I took is actually a screenshot of Vodafone’s phone plans! So, let’s go with this one… it’s a close up of a skirt that I made for myself, I took the photo to send to my mum.

Last photo

What was for dinner last night? Did you make it? Are you the main cook? Do you like cooking dinner?
Last night was Subway, because I was on my way out. Cooking is shared in our house, I don’t do anywhere near as much as I used to which I’m very happy with. I kind of got over it, after doing it for so many years. Occasionally I have bursts of culinary inspiration but mostly, it’s a chore.

Scroll forward 10 years. What is life looking like?
In ten years time our youngest child will be 18 and the other three will have all moved out. All I can see is more time for making – it looks fantastic! 😀

How are you going with the Art Carts?
I love getting them, and opening them up. That’s the highlight of my month! I need to dedicate time to actually using the supplies though, that’s my big let down at the moment.

Do you have art galleries and art shops where you live? What about ‘art’ style markets?
Yeah, I guess so? We have the Art Centre at least….to be honest I don’t look around that much… I do look online a lot and we go to local markets which often have artists there.


Facebook       Instagram      Etsy shop

Thanks Jasmin for letting us into your world. Above are the links to where you can follow Jasmin’s business, Indigo Shores and maybe even support one of our budding Gold Coast artists!




Contents of July’s Art Cart!

If you have been waiting to purchase Red’s Art Cart because you wanted a rough idea of what is inside, now is your chance! Every cart offers professional and student grade art supplies, info sheet about the products, example art work showing off the products and 2 YouTube video’s, this one, showing the contents and how to use them and the other filming the making of the art work. Great value for money.

August Red’s Art Cart closes on the 14th July so make sure you don’t miss out by clicking on the Art Cart tab and following the links to purchase.