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Meet an Art Cart’er – Wendy Patterson

December’s Art Cart’er lives in Kingaroy, Queensland and jumped on board a couple of months after the Carts launched. I began following Wendy on Instagram when she purchased her first Cart and love all of her posts about life, work and creating. Wendy jumps in head first with each new Cart and is usually one of the first to post her artworks on social.

Wendy is a busy lady and I appreciate her taking time out to be interviewed. Enjoy this great read through the life of another fabulous Art Cart’er!


Describe yourself in 5 to 10 individual words (ie/fabulous, married etc)
Wife; Mother; nurse; creative; unique; friendly; caring

Where do you reside and who do you live with?
I live in Kingaroy, Queensland.  3 hours northwest of Brisbane.  I live with my amazing husband of 22 years and two incredible girls (14 and 15)

Where would you like to reside?
Sunshine coast…..  dreaming and planning to move there after the girls finish school.

My pup, “Isa” (short for “Is a dog”) is always begging to sit on my lap when I’m ready to paint!

Describe your ultimate holiday escape.
I’m a bit boring in this area.  My idea of an ultimate holiday is glamping somewhere isolated within Australia with my family.  No TV, no phone, no connection to the outside world, but I MUST have a box or two of art supplies.

Describe your art style.
This is something I’m working on.  I’ve only started to get back into art work this year and I’m playing with many different styles and trying to push myself.  I’ve joined a local mixed media art group which has introduced me to so many different products and techniques.



This year I’ve started trying my hand at whimsical characters.  A class I completed from LifeBook (

I love painting landscapes.  I work primarily in acrylics, but starting to play with oils and watercolours.


Did you do art at school?
I did art in years 11 and 12.  Now this was 30 years ago, so the memories are a little fuzzy.  I can’t remember the teachers name, but I know they started a little fire for the love of art that has continued burning throughout the years.

Do you have an actual art space at home?
I’m lucky, do I have an art space at home.  I have one half of the old garage.  My husband has a gym in the other corner.  I think I need more space though 😊


Do you earn any money from your creative talents? If not, do you want to or just happy doing it for yourself?
I have been asked to do commission work before, but haven’t felt comfortable painting for others.  I am my biggest critic and always worried about what other people will think about what I have painted for them.  I’m starting to feel a little braver lately and I’m considering beginning selling some of my paintings.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
I have to say I love YouTube, it has been an invaluable tool in learning assorted styles and techniques.  In the last 18 months my biggest influences have been Toni Burt; Sabine Belz (abstract painting), Jane Davenport, Lamara Laporte; Cinnamon Cooney and Jane Font.

At time of this interview, please note down the last photo taken on your phone and describe why you took it.
Currently in the process of making Christmas decoration for our work unit.  An acrylic pour come Christmas bauble.


What was for dinner last night? Did you make it? Are you the main cook? Do you like cooking dinner?
Last night was left overs night with tuna curry bake and veggie soup. As a shift worker, I’m very lucky to have a husband that is a partner in house work and cooking.  I would consider the both of us to be very good cooks.  My favorite meals are those where all the family is involved.  Somehow it tastes just that little bit better.

Scroll forward 10 years. What is life looking like?
Living on the Sunshine Coast, working less and painting more.

How are you going with the Art Carts?
I really am thankful that I found Mrs Red via Facebook.  To have these amazing boxes of goodies turn up on my door step each month is just like Christmas for me.  I have received products that I normally would not consider buying and have ended up really enjoyed learning to use them.  The tutorials that have been provided have been great.  Looking forward to seeing more.

Do you have art galleries and art shops where you live? What about art style markets?
We do have a local art gallery.  Sadly, with my crazy busy life I still haven’t been.  On my bucket list for next year.  My favorite place to visit is Two Sister Scrapbooking and papercraft, in Kingaroy (   Tania holds mixed media art classes every Friday.  While the name suggests scrapbooking it is much, much more.

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